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Expert Cloud Consulting Services

We Provide Tailored, Cost-Effective Expert Cloud Consulting, Solutions & Services - That Enable Higher Efficiency, Performance And Ultimate Scalability

Expert Cloud Consulting (ECC) is a team of experts providing customized multi-cloud solutions & services for customers all across the globe.

Our End to End Cloud & DevOps Solutions and Services for AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud includes

  • Consultancy for simple to complex Cloud & DevOps solutions
  • Enterprise Grade Secured, Highly Available, Scalable & Efficient - Cloud Design, Deployment, and Support services
  • FINOPS for multi-Cloud
  • End-to-End Automation and SDLC, leveraging Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, CI/CD and Complete Automation

We are a team of experts with a global presence and strong expertise in IT, Cloud, and DevOps

  • Certified professionals in AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Hashicorp, Citrix, Cisco, Checkpoint, ITIL, PMP, etc.
  • Executed 200+ Cloud projects – Small to Large scale Enterprises
  • Executed 50+ DevOps projects end to end
  • Having highly satisfied global clients in the USA, EUROPE, APAC, and India

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DevOps Consulting Solutions & Services

  • End to End DevOps Consulting
  • Containerisation
  • MicroService
  • DevOps Automation
  • SRE
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AWS Consulting Solutions & Services

  • End to End AWS Consulting
  • Well Architected Framework
  • Migration
  • Cloud Optimisation (FINOPs)
  • Managed Services

Azure Consulting Solutions & Service

  • End to End Azure Consulting
  • Architecture & Security
  • Migration
  • Cloud Optimisation (FINOPs)
  • Managed Services

ECC's Proven Solutions Helped Customers in "Next Generation Automation", "Hyper Scaling" and "Cost Optimization" - across multiple Cloud Platforms with the help of our Solution Accelerators - SmartDevOpsEngine, FINOPSEngine and ScaleOutSaaS


SmartDevOpsEngine is our Next Generation Automation Platform for Cloud and DevOps, also taking care of Compliance, Agility & Speed


ScaleOutSaaS - is our framework to hyper-scale the SaaS products in cloud


FINOPSEngine is our platform that empowers essential cost levers for the Cost Optimization

Tech Stack

Expert Cloud Consulting Collaborates With Multiple Partners, and Leverages Industry Leading Tools & Technologies, To Create Transformative Change

why us?

Assessment to the Core

Our Experts help you in Cloud Adoption, Migration and Readiness with Standardised & Industry specific Assessment Best Practices

Cloud Native Strategy

Our Experts help you with Application Modernisation leveraging cloud principles leading to fastest Cloud Native journey

Innovative Outcome

Our Experts have proven co-creation experience in building contextualized solutions to specific Industries leveraging IaC, Automation, AI, Analytics and Cloud

Few More Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Proven Platforms and Frameworks

Experienced in Cloud Native Solutions

Co-creating Innovative Solutions

50+ Satisfied Clients Across the Globe

Multinational Presence in India & USA


Our AWS & AZURE DevOps Experts achieve End to End automation leveraging various DevOps Tools.


Successful projects


Satisfied Clients


Yrs of Total Exp


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Trusted by More Than 50 Clients
Around The World

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